The truth about burial and cremation.

With appreciation to Rabbi Doron Kornbluth, author of Cremation or Burial; A Jewish View and the work of

Burial is a Mitzvah.

Burying the deceased is a mitzvah of great importance as it states in Deuteronomy

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Cremation often leads to regret;
burial brings closure.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that many who choose to cremate a loved one regret their decision.

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We bury things we love, respect, and consider holy; we burn trash.

We bury things we love.

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Cremation is violent.
Burial is natural.

The idea of a quick, clean cremation is deceptive. It takes 2 hours or longer to burn a body.

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Burial is the Jewish tradition.

Jews bury their dead. The only historical precedent for cremation of Jews was set by Nazis.

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Burial is better for the environment.

Environmentalists criticize the toxic effects of embalming and cremation on the environment…

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Healthy societies remember and respect the dead.

Today’s social trends try to banish death as an unpleasant thought to be avoided.

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Jewish burial is part of your heritage.

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